BREAKING: Joe Biden INCOMPETENT According To Bombshell Report [Developing]

Senate Minority Whip Sen. John Thune (R-SD) said Monday that the Biden White House is “not a competent government” when talking about the baby formula shortage caused by the FDA shutting down an Abbott Nutrition plant that makes 40% of the nation’s supply.

“I think, again, they didn’t catch it on day one, and as typical in this administration, they want to blame somebody else,” Thune outlined while addressing Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg’s claim that the administration “acted from day one” to address the shortage.

“You can disagree or agree with them on policies and their ideology and all of that, and there is plenty to disagree with there, but on a basic level, this is a government that just doesn’t do things well. They are not a competent government,” Thune said.

Biden seemed “caught off guard” by this and other things that have happened, including the Afghanistan withdrawal, the war in Ukraine and inflation, Thune said.

“But this is a crisis for American families. They are paying more for everything, and in cases like baby formula, which, you know, basic survival items, when you can’t get it, that is a major crisis and one certainly that they should have anticipated a long time ago,” he concluded.

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