BREAKING: Joe Biden In Trouble – Aides Forced To Rescue…

President Joe Biden is shameless in his avoidance of questions by the press.

Not only has he gone over 50 days without a press conference (an unprecedented amount of time), he has also allowed his team to protect him from unsuspecting attempts to question him informally.

At the mere chance that Biden might answer a questions, his team is assuming he is in trouble and rushes in to rescue him.

Fox News reports that “Aides to President Biden hurried the traveling press corps away as they shouted questions at an unresponsive commander in chief in Washington Tuesday — his 48th day in office without holding a solo press conference.”

Could it be that Joe Biden isn’t the picture of mental acuity recently claimed by the Democrats? Or perhaps they are terrified of what an unscripted, inedited Biden might say?

In any event, the reality is that Biden is being pulled away, shut down, and blacked out by his own team at every instance.

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4 Responses

  1. Biden doesn’t have the mentality to hold a conference or make any announcement.. with out screwing up.. Sure miss Trump with his announcements, etc.. and Harris bails everyone out of jail to fit her agenda.. it is very sad what is happening to our country!!…

  2. The mental instability of this so called POTUS is so evident that lies and excuses for him are a total sham !!! What has happened to the citizens of this country ??? Are these people so weak minded they are going to tolerate this stupidity ??? If this is the case I’m glad I saw America as it was – strong, productive, happy, hard workers, and proud Americans – now just a bunch of low life hanger-ons. America – once proud, now a disheveled mess !!!

  3. I say put him the illegal President of the USA in front of a camera with real news people who will ask the hard questions. If this was Trump they would be impeaching him again for not answering questions & hiding what he is doing from the American people!! WE THE PEOPLE want a press conference with Biden – NO PROMPTER – NO NOTES – NO HELP FROM HANDLERS – NO QUESTION SENT TO HIM BEFORE PRESS CONFRENCE – NO QUESTIONS GIVENN TO THE PRESS TO ASK – NO PICKING OUT WHAT PRESS PEOPLE CAN COME ALL PRESS IS WELCOME NO EXCUSES & ALL PRESS GET A CHANCE TO ASK AT LEAST TWO QUESTIONS EACH & BIDEN MUST ANSWER NO CIRCLING BACK! Of course their CHICKENS & know Biden nor anyone of these stupid Dems. could hold their own with a real press conference! All they know how to do is lie & take credit for what Trump did cause they have done noting but hurt this great country!!

  4. The whole election process was a sham!!!! Biden needs to be in a mental institution with the rest of his staff and bring back our President, Donald John Trump!! This country we’ve sacrificed so many lives for to keep America Free, is going to hell and I for one, will fight to keep that from happening. I will live up to my Oath to!!!!!

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