BREAKING: Joe Biden In Deep Trouble After 47 Million Count Confirmed…

He’s totally dismantled the southern border in an attempt to get more (presumably) liberal voters in this country.

Biden knows that foreign-born Americans often vote Democrat, so he’s trying to pack the country with as many of them as he can.

He’s literally importing supporters and votes.

The foreign-born population in America is the largest that it has ever been.

Forty-seven MILLION Americans were not born in this country.

From his first day on the job until now, Biden has worked tirelessly to increase American’s foreign-born population by over two million.

145,000 of them are being added to America’s population every month.

Experts predict that Biden will raise the figure to 51.3 million by the end of his term. They anticipate that to make up approximately 15.5% of America’s population at that time.

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