BREAKING: Joe Biden In Bad Shape After MASSIVE Fall – Never Like This…

The numbers were so low, we were sure they couldn’t get any worse.

Well, Dirty Joe Biden is proving us wrong yet again.

His approval rating is down to nearly the lowest point since he took office, sitting at 36%. Last week, 42% of Americans gave him a passing grade.

It looks like about 6% of Americans woke up and opened their eyes during that time.

The lowest approval rating that Biden has had at any point was down to just 33% in April. He made a bit of a recovery during the beginning of May, but that’s over now.

America is suffering inflation like we haven’t seen in 40 years.

The southern border is still porous at best.

War rages on in Ukraine.

American gas prices are at an all-time high.

There’s no baby formula.

Is there any wonder Americans hate Joe Biden?

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