BREAKING: Joe Biden IMPEACHMENT Shocker – Announcement Rocks Congress

The walls are crashing in on President Joe Biden. Now official calls to impeach him are rolling into Washington DC.

According to Breitbart News, Lindsey Graham has officially said “President Joe Biden’s mishandling of the Afghanistan withdrawal was an impeachable offense.”

“[I] think he should be impeached,” said Graham. “This is the most dishonorable thing a commander-in-chief has done, maybe, in modern times. Joe Biden, for political reasons, wanted to pull all of our troops out because of the polling numbers, and what has he done?”

“He’s created the conditions for another 9/11,” Graham noted. “He’s abandoned thousands of people who honorably and bravely fought along with us, and how do you win this war over time if you have nobody to help you over there? How do you keep it from our shores if all of us are here.”

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13 Responses

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  3. In World history, there has never been a withdrawal operation that has been handled as disastrously as this.

    A President who has been illegitimately elected has brought great shame, in many ways, to our Country.

  4. Treason you know you won’t impeachment because democratic will never vote for it your just trying make yourself look good the Americans wants everybody involved in this charge with treason.

  5. get rid of him prompto & maybe other countries will have mercy on us. Its not all our faults & seems only a handful voted for him,if that many!

  6. Well it is Joe Biden , in his forty plus years in DC politics he has never and I do Mean NEVER done anything for this nation let alone his constituents . Joe has made himself a very wealthy man though and seems to be getting wealthier .
    Now with this big screwup withdrawal and telling our people there it will cost them $2000 per person to get home . His I’ll advised pulling of troops and abandonment of over eight billion dollars worth of equipment , tanks , helicopters , weapons , vehicles and other gear , then laughing it off in press conferences and the snide comments when asked a serious question . The abandonment of trusted allies and locals who helped us . All this demands either resignation of his entire administration at the least if not impeachment and trial for collaborating with an enemy and willful treason .

  7. Biden and his crew have dishonored this country to the fullest extent possible !!! Land of the free – how about “Land of Liars and Cheats” !!! Not all Americans are the way this coward is, real Americans think before they act on something as dire and important as the Afghanistan withdrawal !!! Now Biden blames Trump – what useless talk Biden takes to try and escape what he’s done !!! It seems the democrats/liberals try to blame anybody they can about their shortcomings !!!

  8. Lets bring President Trump back as our president. Not someone who has deteriorating mind, no backbones, who lie so much and blame on someone if something wrong on his watch. Everybody watch, Talibans are even smarter than him. Talibans already ahead of him to use Americans and allies as their hostages so we cannot drop the bomb on them.

  9. Not only Biden and Harris, but the Sec Def for doing nothing to prevent this. Sec Army for doing nothing to prevent this. The Dir CIA for doing nothing to prevent this. Pelosi for doing nothing to prevent this. Each have blood on their hands.
    A 2LT could have come up with a good plan and saved American lives.

  10. Impeachment will never get past Pelosi. We will have to wait until 2023. That is if by some act of God the GOP retakes control of Congress and we can weed out the RINOs. The voters wanted a sniveling, spineless and clueless politician with no leadership skills in the White House and they got one.

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