BREAKING: Joe Biden HUMILIATED – Top Official Reveals Truth

Joe Biden was just completely humiliated. a high-ranking official has revealed the truth, and the Democratic presidential candidate is ducking for cover. His campaign could be finished.

Following President Donald Trump’s announcement of a peace accord between Israel and the United Arab Emirates (UAE), U.S. Ambassador to Israel David Friedman called out Biden’s record.

“I think the credit that he [Biden] deserves is he was — they were so bad and so hostile to both Israel and the Emirates that it caused both of them to commiserate a little bit,” said Friedman.

This led to President Donald Trump being able “to take advantage” of the situation Obama-Biden left. In fact, Friedman said the former administration’s policy was “so terrible” it probably brought Israel and the UAE together.

This landmark agreement — forged in large part by the Trump administration — likely won’t be the last one, either. More deals are now expected between Israel and other states in the Middle East.

Obama and Biden couldn’t accomplish such an undertaking because they were too busy hating Israel and appeasing radicalism. Biden will surely return to the status quo if he is elected president in November.

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