BREAKING: Joe Biden HUMILIATED – Jail Announcement Rocks Nation

Many, if not most, of the 230 people charged with crimes related to the Capitol riot on January 6 could get off with no jail time, which could be a huge embarassment for the Biden administration after President Joe Biden called the riot a uniquely dangerous threat to the United States.

The cases are causing a backlog in the D.C. court system even though at least a quarter of them have already been classified as misdemeanors, a report in Politico said.

The report stated that in recent days, prosecutors, judges and defense attorneys said they expected few serious charges to stem from the actions, which in many cases constitute nothing more than tresspassing.

Since January 6, more than $500 million has been spent on troops and security at the Capitol even though there have not been any further incidents or credible threats since that time.

The Biden Justice Department initially set expectations high for serious charges to be brought, but have tamped down their rhetoric since that time.

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3 Responses

  1. Biden always humiliates his self. He should not be the president of this country. Biden lies all of the time to the American citizens.

  2. he doesn’t lie, he just doesn’t know the true or what is really going on.
    he is pushing too many programs that will hurt American. He really doesn’t care for the union or the workers. Spending money hurts us all, especial people on fix income. You can’t solve everyone problems. Or Take care of people that really don’t want to work for their keep

  3. Wonder what would happen if the NRA could get 1 million gun owners to march to DC….Probably put up fence at the city limits.

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