BREAKING: Joe Biden HUMILIATED By Trump In Front Of Nation – Hahaha

It turns out, President Joe Biden is worse than former President Donald Trump in every way possible.

“President Joe Biden’s approval index has spent about 30 percent of his term below -25, far worse than former President Donald Trump’s,” according to Rasmussen Reports.

“Throughout Trump’s four-year presidency, Trump’s approval index only spent one day below -25,” Breitbart reported.

“Biden’s approval index has spent about 30 percent of his term below -25. Biden has only been in office for only just under 1.5 years,” according to Breitbart.

That’s a pretty epic fail for Biden.

Biden has promised former President Barack Obama he will run in 2024 because Biden believes he is the only one who can defeat a potential Trump comeback campaign.

Hahahaha. That makes me laugh every time I read it.

Trump has repeatedly polled better than Biden in a potential 2024 matchup. Multiple polls have consistently shown Trump demolishing Biden in a hypothetical rematch.

“There are doubts he will follow through on his plans because of his age — Biden would be 81 in November 2024 — and because of the brutal political headwinds he and his party are now facing,” the Hill reported.

Recently, some polls reveal that Biden’s approval ratings have sunk down into the mid-30s.

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