BREAKING: Joe Biden HUMILIATED By $10 Million Bombshell – Proof Is In

NASCAR racer Brandon Brown signed an eight-figure deal with LGBcoin, a cryptocurrency maker of the “Let’s Go Brandon” crypto coin, even though NASCAR has outlawed ads for the coin on its cars and at NASCAR events.

The deal with pay Brown in both cash and coin, and will cover non-NASCAR events, videos, crypto conferences, and other events.

“I’m working to achieve my own American dream,” Brown said. “I’m humbled and thankful for’s reaffirmed support for my professional journey and their commitment to maintain a patriotic message.”

A reporter mistakenly said that a crowd was chanting “Let’s Go Brandon!” in October when fans were clearly chanting “F*** Joe Biden!” The rest, as they say, is history.

Brown had just won his first NASCAR race when the reporter mistook the chanting. It wasn’t immediately clear what his political leanings were before he made the deal with LGBcoin.

Read the full story here.

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