BREAKING: Joe Biden HUMILIATED – America Is Laughing

President Joe Biden humiliated himself and the nation in front of the whole world when he wore a mask during a virtual climate summit with world leaders Thursday.

Secretary of State Antony Blinken and Climate Czar John Kerry were also wearing masks. While they were in the same room with Biden, all three were vaccinated, making masks and social distancing unnecessary.

What is worse is Biden removed his mask during his speech and then put it back on afterward while listening to the other speeches.

Biden’s decision to wear a mask during a virtual conference with every major world leader is an embarrassment to the whole nation. Masks are no longer worn to supposedly protect people; they are worn to signal a message.

Democrats are obsessed with making Americans conform, and the mask is their weapon of choice. It’s time to leave the masks in 2020 where they belong.

Not only is Biden embarrassing the nation to the world, but he is failing to project strength. While Biden wears masks to virtual climate summits, the immigration crisis is still raging, and Iran is pursuing nuclear weapons. Biden is failing in all areas of foreign policy, and he has only been in office for four months.

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5 Responses

  1. Noone in there right mind believes any of these polls ..that suggest Biden has an approval rate over Trump !!! You people are laughable !!!!

  2. How much longer are we going to allow the Biden administration to make America the laughing stock of the world? Biden is making a fool of himself and all of us. He must be stopped as well as his VP and all of the Democratic leadership. They are running the United States down to hades.

  3. Every dog has his day. His day will com. Once he meets his maker that he’ll be singing a different song. True, we all will eventually have to face the same and we will have to confess for our wrongdoings in this life. So there is hope for Biden. Maybe a little late for the US. However, I believe the US is strong enough to overcome his administration. Just do what needs doing.

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