BREAKING: Joe Biden HOSTAGE Bombshell – They’re Demanding He…

Racial justice groups that led potests over the summer are now demanding that president-elect Joe Biden give them positions in his administration.

“There was a mandate,” Gladys Limón, executive director of California Environmental Justice Alliance, told the San Francisco Chronicle. “This is a litmus test.”

“It’s encouraging that President-elect Biden appears to have listened to the concerns of the environmental justice advocates who reminded him of his campaign promises,” Limón said after the nomination of North Carolina environmental administrator Michael Regan to the EPA.

Alicia Garza, a principal at the Black Futures Lab and co-founder of Black Lives Matter, was more skeptical. “Are [nominations] a sign of the increased political power of BIPOC (Black, indigenous, people of color) folks? Yes and no.”

“Firsts don’t always represent power,” Garza said. “Daniel Cameron is the first Black person to serve as attorney general in Kentucky’s history, and yet he attempted to blame Breonna Taylor for her own death.” 

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