BREAKING: Joe Biden Hits ROCK Bottom – White House Desperate…

President Joe Biden has hit a new high in disapproval ratings in the Real Clear Politics average, rising to 53.9% from 53.5% in November.

Biden’s job approval rating is moving in the opposite direction–down to 42.3% from a small bounce to 43 to 44% over the holidays.

Breitbart’s John Nolte pointed out that the media is trying its best to trumpet the January 6 anniversary as marking the biggest and worst insurrection of all time, but claimed no one outside the Beltway Bubble was really buying it.

Not only has inflation hurt Biden badly, but it now appears that his administration has bungled COVID testing right as omicron explodes and brings a huge number of cases.

Nolte asserted that Biden has failed at everything, domestic and foreign, and said he wouldn’t be suprised if Biden’s approval numbers drop into the 30s by the midterms next year.

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