BREAKING: Joe Biden GUILTY – Proof Rocks American Voters…

Voters said in a new poll that President Joe Biden has relegated voters’ top priority to his fourth, showing the disconnect between Democrat elites and everyday workers.

For voters, jobs and the economy were jointly the top concerns of voters. Only 30% said they thought Biden was focused on these issues at all.

The poll’s participants thought that the pandemic, national security, and climate change were Biden’s top priorities, with jobs and the economy ranking only fourth.

The poll showed that voters are feeling the effects of higher gas and food (and everything else) prices, as inflation has hit 40-year highs.

Democrat elites like House Speaker Nancy Pelosi with her expensive freezer full of $9 pints of ice cream may not be feeling the pinch of higher prices yet, but they’re sure going to feel the sting of rejection come election time.

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