BREAKING: Joe Biden GUILTY – New Report Proves The Worst Is True

Remember just a few short months ago when Joe Biden ran for President on the promise he would bring “normalcy” and “competence” to the Oval Office?

Well, the evidence is in and Biden is guilty of doing the complete opposite.

“Joe Biden was elected on the promise that he was going to return normalcy, competency to the American government,” said Sen. Marco Rubio in a recent interview. “What you see now is a cascade of calamities and disasters, and they were all created by him and by actions he took.”

Rubio didn’t hold back but argued that both Biden and Kamala Harris are hurting America:

You can’t go around for months sort of arguing that there’s not going to be any border security and creating the perception and the reality that people can enter the country and they’re going to get to stay and not expect for thousands of people to come. … And by the way, where is the vice president, who’s supposed to be in charge of border response? I think right now she seems to be in the Witness Protection Program.

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