BREAKING: Joe Biden Goes MISSING – World In Shock

Legal scholar Jonathan Turley said President Joe Biden was “failing” a test of leadership by not standing up to the Democrat party on the issue of packing the U.S. Supreme Court.

“The public has been against packing the court in overwhelming numbers,” Turley said on Fox News Channel’s “America’s Newsroom.” “That has never changed. These justices have opposed this. So, the thing that’s driving this is the most extreme elements in our politics. But the real … disturbing aspect of this is not that people were going to try to do this and run on the Supreme Court. It is the absence of leadership from President Biden.”

“This is a test of leadership, and he is failing it,” he continued. “I mean, he has to be able to summon the courage to face the most extreme elements of his party.”

Biden has not said he supports adding four Democrat justices to the court progressives in the party want to do, but he formed a commission to study expanding the court as a first step to possible action.

Then again, when hasn’t his leadership been lacking since becoming president. He is a figurehead at this point, a puppet, nothing more.

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10 Responses

  1. Biden is too weak and demented and the left knew it when they elected him. They wanted someone in that they could manage and Biden is certainly the one.

  2. All Dem’s must be removed from office in the White House, House and Senate. Then Arrested for Treason. This is all out WAR against Democrats !!!!!!

  3. Of course Joe is hiding from Putin & a lot of other world leaders that are not to pleased with his rhetoric & rambling on about nothing!

  4. Biden and the rest of the dumboRats and some rhino are toast In 2022, we have the people to take over, your worst nightmare is coming!

  5. At this point it’s just sad to see an elderly man struggle. His win wasn’t even about him being in control, Obama maybe but not the dimwitted “front man: he’s so they can gain access to the WH

  6. The democrat party is the Greatest Threat to the USA and the rest of the Freeb World that there has Ever been.

  7. Which Joe Biden Has Gone Missing? At Last Count, There Have Been 6 Clones Out There!! From One Day Till The Next, You Can’t Keep Track!! Over A Year Ago Old Original Joe Biden Was Arrested & Tried For Treason, Pediophilia, & Canableism!! He Was Found Guilty By The Military Court At Guantanamo, Cuba!! Since That Time He Got Elected Here In the States By The Cheating Election Machines!! As You Can Clearly See, His Clones Don’t Know Much About The Job It Takes To Be A President Of These United States!!!

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