BREAKING: Joe Biden Goes MISSING – Campaign Speechless

Former Vice President Joe Biden just went missing. The presumptive Democratic nominee’s campaign is completely speechless. Any shot he had at the White House could be over now.

“Joe Biden continued to limit his exposure to reporters on Tuesday when he finished a speech and said he would take questions ‘at another time,” reported Breitbart News. He hadn’t hosted a press conference in a month; he is officially AWOL.

Furthermore, Biden has ducked and dodged out of questions for several weeks now, while President Donald Trump is taking hard-hitting interviews and answering questions, even though he knows the media is going to be hostile.

Biden’s campaign must think is a winning strategy — keep their candidate from opening his mouth too much and let Trump get more air time. The problem with this tactic is that Trump has been doing just fine, and people have noticed Biden’s absence.

Trump has also been leading. Before long, America will be out of the COVID-19 crisis and the economy is already bouncing back. He is taking the fight to China on multiple fronts and continuing to put America first.

Simply put, Biden cannot compete. Poll numbers may look lopsided right now, but we’re looking at a repeat of 2016. Voters aren’t excited about what essentially amounts to a third term for Barack Obama. Trump is going to beat Creepy Joe.

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