BREAKING: Joe Biden Goes Down – Polling Bombshell Rocks Nation

Fox News is under fire for oversampling Democrat respondents in its latest polls released on Wednesday that show Biden leading in battleground states.

Brian Joondeph from Rasmussen Reports pointed this out saying, “The Fox News poll [of national voters conducted in July] oversampled Democrats by four points, and in the “who would you vote for today,” Biden won by an eight-point margin. But the poll was split evenly on whether Trump would be reelected.”

This latest oversampling issue is becoming a pattern at Fox News. Overrepresenting one political affiliation will obviously skew the poll.

The other issue that has emerged with Fox New’s latest polls is their marked contrast to other polls released in battleground states like Wisconsin and North Carolina.

Over-reliance on polls has already proven to be a big mistake for those who remember the outcome of the 2016 presidential election.

Fox New’s isn’t doing itself any favors by employing faulty methodology in their polls that are meant to reflect public opinion.

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