BREAKING: Joe Biden Goes DOWN – Democrats Are Reeling

Senator Tom Cotton is calling out Joe Biden for his decline in performance.

Cotton claimed Biden’s failures are a large part why the Democrats are gridlocked on the infrastructure bill.

“[T]his bill is going to cost all Americans,” said Cotton. “They are going to raise taxes on all kinds of businesses. They’re going to raise taxes on savings for retirement. That means that people are going to have fewer jobs. They’re not going to get pay increases. They may not have enough money to put kids through college or to save for retirement. They are even going to tax cigarettes. … So, if you want to pick up a pack of smokes on the way home from the job, you’re going to pay higher taxes on that as well.”

Cotton then argued that Americans already have been hit with increased expenses.

“The American people are already paying every day when they go to the grocery store or the gas pump for the rampant inflation that the Democrats’ reckless spending plans have caused, so that’s one reason why they are struggling to find the votes is they understand just how reckless these spending bills are and how much they’re going to pay for it at the election if they go forward,” said Cotton.

Cotton continued:

A lot of [Democrats] recognize that this legislation is not popular, that Joe Biden’s performance in office is sinking like a stone, and that it’s time for them to pump the brakes on the radical Biden agenda. So, in this case, I think probably views of what is good policy for the country and saving their own skin may be combined. However, Nancy Pelosi has a long history, as with Obamacare, of walking some of her members off a very short plank.

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