BREAKING: Joe Biden Goes DOWN – Confirmed Count Rocks Nation

Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden is going down. This confirmed count has rocked the nation — millions of people are completely stunned. No one expected such a huge surprise.

In Georgia, Florida, and Ohio, Biden has severely underperformed with Hispanics compared to Hillary Clinton in 2016. The comparisons are astonishing and we are seeing a paradigm shift — regardless of who is elected president.

“In Georgia, Hillary beat Trump by a whopping 40 points with Hispanics,” noted Breitbart News. “Biden is only ahead of the president by 25 points.” In Ohio, it was roughly the same ratio, and then there’s the astonishing number in Florida.

According to an exit poll of early voters, Clinton topped Trump by 27 points with Hispanics. However, this year, Biden only exceeded Trump by 8 points with the same demographic. Trump would go on to win Florida.

As detailed by the Sun-Sentinel newspaper out of South Florida: “In 2016, President Trump only won 33% of the vote in the most populous county in the state that is about 70% Latino. Last night, 46% of the vote broke for Trump.”

One voter, for example, told the Sentinel that she was concerned about the “socialist tilt” of the Democratic Party. By contrast, Trump vowed that under his leadership, the United States “will NEVER be a socialist country.”

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