BREAKING: Joe Biden Gives Doctor The Boot – Nation Shocked

President Joe Biden just gave the doctor the boot. Millions of Americans are in shock — no one can believe that he made such a disastrous move.

“President Biden dropped Dr. Seuss from Read Across America Day, failing to mention the famed children’s author in his presidential proclamation,” reported Breitbart News this week.

Biden’s decision “coincided with six of the beloved author’s books being pulled from publication for ‘racist and insensitive’ depictions.” Ironically, even former President Barack Obama recognized the author in his proclamation.

In fact, back in 2015, Obama said that the message of Dr. Seuss is that “we’re all the same.” But in the wake of full-blown ‘wokeness’ and cancel culture, nothing is safe — not even Dr. Suess’s time-honored lessons.

At the very least, Biden’s reaction is way overboard. If the publisher of the books wants to pull six of them from circulation, that is obviously a choice — but countless more Dr. Suess books exist.

What’s next? Will books like The Cat in the Hat eventually be canceled completely because a select few of Dr. Suess’s works do not conform to modern sensibilities? Simply put, the possibility is disturbing.

Read the full story here.

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10 Responses

  1. For crying out loud stop the insanity get Trump back in the Demon Rats are taking us to Hell with them😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠

  2. just another STUPID THING he has done — from now on I will be purchasing Dr Suess and making sure that the children have them–when is this silly crap of his going to stop — he will be the worst president in my life time even outing Carter–

  3. joe biden and demacrats want to erase america’s history completely.icluding where i live at Tamaqua area where i live.Tamaqua was named after a tribal chief of tuscura indians or tamaqua tribe. don’t let it happen!!!biden would rather name areas donated to illegal bastards and immagrants. joe biden tries to steal my bank account with savings is dead by me,he’s stealing it to give to illegals. it won’t happe4n when i’m still alive. i’m 59. David Weston- tamaqua, pa

  4. joe and the democrats believe in science. It was science that made him fire a good doctor and keep Fauci. its all science.

    Science like the NOAA and NASA studies that show the earth warmed .33 degrees last year due to the factories being shut down and less cars on the road. Of course that means the theory of man made global warming due to CO2 is shot. But they did another study that shows Solar farms do contribute to global warming so the liberals have that to fight about.

    It does mean the green new deal is going to cause global warming but the liberals do not care about the science because they believe they are right.

    Yup Liberals just love to ignore science. It is a standard for them.

  5. Its shocking people ask how stupid can the biden Harris administration get. They took it as a challenge.. not my president

  6. Please lets get rid of the stupidity that is going on. We the people know what the leftist are trying to do and if we are not careful, they are going to succeed. Lets make sure we get rid of those whose election comes up.

  7. I personally believe the #1 priority to get America back on a straight path for all Americans, is to amend the Constitution and LIMIT TERMS !! I have read that 2/3 of all Americans of legal age are in favor of limiting the Terms of all Congress- Representatives & Senators. If the President’s term is limited the Congress should be limited. I will not vote for anyone who will not agree on TERM LIMITE !!

  8. What next ??? BURNING BOOKS ????? will we soon be without any Memorials because someone doesn’t like them, will we burn down the ALAMO ?? God help us of sound mind, this must stop.

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