BREAKING: Joe Biden Gets WRECKED – Nation Stunned

Rep. Louie Gohmert (R-TX) and 18 other House Republicans have sent a letter to President Joe Biden asking him to deal with the immigration crisis and enforce the country’s immigration laws.

The letter explained that Biden’s open border policies were negatively impacting their constituents in border states and other states across the country.

“Your de facto policy of an open southern border is neither humane nor compassionate,” the letter read.

“Under our Constitution, Congress has plenary authority over immigration and has never given the President the power to provide a pseudo-amnesty nor the ability to meet inaction on unlawful presence under the laws of our nation as a lawful presence,” it continued.

The letter also referenced private property damage and threats to the safety of border town farmers, ranchers and other business owners. “The spread of this criminality threatens to make every town in America a border town. This is profoundly wrong,” the letter concluded.

Read the full story here.

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6 Responses

  1. biden is just trying to undue the good that President Trump did for the American people! biden has clearly shown that he is not interested in the well far of the American people but for his own agenda!

  2. Michael Saunders, U.S. Army S.F. veteran of the Vietnam war and 23 years in law enforcement says:

    If Biden dose not do anything at our southern border to stop all the people who are coming across our border illegally then he should be impeached completely out of his office and so should Harris.

      1. Sorry Shelly, but the military leaders are part of the swamp. As are the DOJ, FBI and CIA. No justice for us loyal, patriotic Americans.

  3. Joe probably would do it, but his handlers won’t let him. He might “get in trouble” if he did something good at the border.

  4. Katydid I don’t know what / who you’re fooling Sleepy Joe didn’t do anything good in his 48 year career in politics before he became President so WHY WOULD HE START NOW his handlers have nothing to do with his decisions at the boarder

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