BREAKING: Joe Biden Gets Tragically Low Count – He Has To Stop…

One of the things that liberals have always taken for granted is the idea that black and brown people HAVE to vote for them, regardless of how the Democratic Party has been treating them lately.

There have been some years in the past where this has worked, but these demographics are ready to send a new message to Joe Biden, loud and clear.

It’s NOT going to work any longer.

In the last year alone, Biden’s support among Hispanic voters has fallen almost 30%.

In 2021, 55% of Hispanic Americans approved of Joe Biden in a Quinnipiac poll.

This year’s version of that same poll puts Dirty Joe at an embarrassing 26%.

Liberals also feel that young Americans owe them a vote as well, but the youth of America is ready to flip this trend on it’s head.

Just 27% of young Americans have a favorable opinion of Joe Biden.

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