BREAKING: Joe Biden Gets The News He’s Been Dreading – The Final Numbers Are…

Well, well, would you look at that.

Senator Joe Manchin, the Democrat from West Virginia who recently exploded onto the scene by saving America from Biden’s Build Back Better Bullcrap, just saw his latest approval ratings come up.

Manchin’s up. Way up.

Manchin’s approval rating was still above water before putting his foot down against Sleepy Joe and Cacklin’ Kamala, sitting at 52%. But between then and now, Manchin has seen an incredible seven-point leap in his approval rating. Not only that, but the number of people who strongly approve of him nearly doubled, going from 17% to 32%.

The news comes at the same time as Manchin reminding America what he really thinks about Biden’s Build Back Better Agenda. According to Manchin, it’s still dead. Deader than ever, in fact.

“I’m really not going to talk about Build Back Better. There is no negotiation going on at this time.”

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