BREAKING: Joe Biden Gets TERRIBLE News – New Numbers Are In And It Doesn’t Look Good

President Biden got more terrible news as new numbers from the Southern border indicate that the number of illegal immigrants that have avoided apprehension has doubled since 2020.

In three months, the estimated number of immigrants that avoided apprehension by border patrol sits at 118,000. 2020’s estimates put the number of illegal immigrants that avoided capture at 69,000.

Those numbers are on the low-end, and the true number of illegal immigrants is likely much higher. This situation at the border is a true crisis, yet Biden and his administration are nowhere to be found.

Texas Governor Greg Abbott elaborated on the situation, saying, “Because of the volume of people coming across the border, the Border Patrol that makes the arrest, they have to engage quite literally in babysitting. And while they’re doing babysitting, that provides an opportunity for the cartels to be able to bring other people across the border illegally.”

Border patrol agents are overwhelmed, and the Biden administration is removing resources leading to even more successful crossings by illegal immigrants.

Donald Trump warned that Biden would be a disaster for immigration, and that warning has been fulfilled. Biden is failing spectacularly, and we Americans will pay the price.

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20 Responses

  1. It’s more then obvious now Democrat’s, can’t govern, Governor Newsom, Governor Cuomo, Speaker Pelosi, the additional Governors who caused the death of thousands of seniors, before their time, and now our biggest joke of all, Joe Biden always rushing to go nowhere and do nothing. It is really time to impeach this guy, have a recall? or force his resignation. Our energy policy about to financially collapse, our southern border overrun with virus ridden illegal’s with thousands more coming. The country more divided then ever and a bunch of radicals controlling purse stings who really never had a business or had to meet payroll etc. spending and taxing like they new what they are doing. The American people what to know your doing acting has a president? The frequency of blank stares has increased, the inevitable is occurring more often, where is this tax payor white house doctor? Has this person ever been approved to serve as President? Where is our country going now ? Are those who know, going to be held responsible for his mental decisions taken? Is the only plan to bankrupt our Country and tear apart all the good that Trump accomplished? Taxes on the rise is that the plan? tax and spend, tax and spend, why because they don’t know how to govern. What Democrat city or State is operating in the black? It/s Resignation time.

  2. Biden and his administration is a farce. None of them know what they are doing. Our country is going down hill fast. Hope all the idiots that voted for him now realize their stupid mistake.

    1. I think the idiots that voted for him don’t pay attention to anything. I bet a lot of them still think the country is just fine. God Bless America.

    2. One can only hopemy fear is that they have been brainwashed into thinking biden is doing good when all he does the the opposite!!! I just can’t believe our Country is sinking so low- we are the laughing stock of the planet

  3. This was one reason they stole the election, besides putting into law more restrictions,& taxes that they’ll get Rich from, they’re insuring they’ll get more ilegal votes to keep them in office. They’re asking for a civil war!

    1. Sadly a civil war is maybe the only resolution the American people that really care for our Country may have to go that way

  4. It’s really sad that his family lets him parade around, you just look at him and you can tell he doesn’t know where he’s at or who the hell he’s talking too! So let’s all just sit back and watch him ruin our America!!!


    1. We had it so good with Trump!!! Trump loves our Country and is willing to fight for it . Our laws and Constitution are being turned upsidedown

  6. American voters knew about Biden well before the elections ever happened! The media tried very hard to hide Biden’s total mental incompetence before the elections, but a vast majority of Americans knew it already. Even most of Democrats knew that Biden was mentally incapable. Anyone who thinks the election was not thrown, is insane! This mentally disturbed, fake president, puppet of the Deep State, should never have gotten anywhere near our White House!

    1. You are so right biden is so currupt. He gets on tv and all that he says are LIES!!!! they will try to change voter rules in their favor and a tax hike coming teaching our young minds to hate whiteness what is next??? And biden trying to allways take credit for what President Trump has allready done it;s shameful

  7. Any American paid American elected official who places the USA last , allowing foreign Nationals into the USA Illegally disrespecting the USA, our flag, our language, our laws , while allowing spies, infestation, drug cartels, Illegal guns, illegal products, , into the USA freely , should not be paid by Americans taxes. You do not condone the disrespect of the USA, destruction of our nation & think the American people will go along with it while Foreign countries are using Americans money to fix their infrastructure, & country instead of feeding their people, while their people are fleeing freely to the USA on the backs of the USA & the American people’s taxes, no American elected officials who allows this should be receiving a paycheck for condoning this as Americans are being pushed into poverty this is unconstitutional & not acceptable nor is widespread election fraud.

  8. I have to agree with all the above comments. This man should never have been elected President of our country. He definitely needs to be impeached immediately before he does more harm to our country.

  9. Totally agree with Charles Wilkins – what is it going to take to get America back on a footing that benefits the true American people – not with these loose cannons running around with their heads placed where it doesn’t belong !!! Some common sense needs to be in the White House and the administration – not the idiots that are now in there and don’t know what they are doing !!!

  10. Yes the election WAS stolen and I’ll bet democrats that voted for biden are starting to realize it and maybe future elections will be stolen if the Dems bills go through…not maybe they will!!!!

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