BREAKING: Joe Biden Gets Terrible Diagnosis – Only 69% Means He’s DONE

President Joe Biden can’t even keep his own camp supporting him.

He’s so bad, he’s now lost a large percentage of voters from the Democratic Party, his very own party.

“Only 69 percent of Democrat voters approve of President Joe Biden,” according to Breitbart News.

This is a new low for President Biden. His ratings have been dropping since March of this year, but this is the lowest they’ve ever been.

“For perspective, Biden’s approval among Democrats in the spring of 2021 was hovering above 90 percent. Since then, Biden’s approval among members of his party began to drop amid the delta strain of coronavirus, the deadly withdrawal from Afghanistan, 40-year-high inflation, soaring gas prices, and Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, despite Biden’s sanctions,” reports Breitbart.

“In contrast, Trump held an approval rating among Republicans that hovered around 90 percent for years until January 12, dropping to 85 percent just before leaving office. Biden’s approval rating is a full 16 points worse than Trump’s last approval rating score,” according to Breitbart.

It’s a sad day for Biden, and hopefully he’s realizing it is time for him to go and hand the reins to someone else in 2024, although it might be nice if he just handed things over sooner.

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