BREAKING: Joe Biden Gets STUNNED – America Says ‘No’ To…

A poll conducted by Rasmussen Reports has found that a majority of Americans believe they pay their fair share of taxes. This poll, in effect, shows that Americans will, by and large, are saying “No” to efforts by President Biden to raise taxes further.

Biden is considering a significant tax hike and despite promises last year, could affect Americans making over $200,000.

A large part of that tax hike will also include repealing former President Trump’s tax cuts that benefited Americans of every income bracket despite the claims of the mainstream media.

The recent passage of trillion-dollar coronavirus relief bills has further exacerbated the debt crisis that the nation faces. Of course, Democrats have no intention of reining in spending and instead are considering more taxes to burden the people with.

Biden is less than four months into his term, and already he is considering more taxes for Americans even as many are just recovering from the coronavirus crisis.

Americans believe they are already paying their fair share, and increasing the tax burden could have devastating effects. Democrats clearly have forgotten that Americans will be returning to the voting booth soon, and more taxes will do little to bring in votes for Democrats.

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3 Responses

  1. If it is less than 10% water is it still water, or just all the other crap mixed in it?
    Just as this last so-called covid bill is less than 10% covid relief why is it still called a covid bill!

  2. This is only a move to fill pockets from the American coffers !!! What administration gives away money just because they can ??? Americans had better stand up and be counted otherwise it’s downtrodden time for all concerned – except for the liberals !!!

  3. Biden doesn’t need to raise taxes. Open up America. Open up the XL pipeline and other organizations that pump millions of dollars into the economy benefiting both states and federal government. I hate to say this but I could do a better job of being president than Biden or Harris.

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