BREAKING: Joe Biden Gets SLAMMED – State Reverses…

Gov. Ron DeSantis just put out a bold warning to President Joe Biden.

According to Breitbart News, “Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis responded defiantly Friday to President Joe Biden’s presidential address in which the president suggested that the United States may have to reinstate lockdown measures ostensibly to mitigate coronavirus infections.”

Desantis made it clear he wasn’t buying into Biden’s narrative of fear:

Biden last night said that they may have to impose more lockdown-type policies in the future. I can tell ya: that ain’t happening in Florida. We are not going to let him lockdown Florida. To even contemplate doing any time of lockdown, honestly it’s insane. We like the fact that people are able to work here. We like the fact that we’ve been able to save thousands, thousands of businesses and save people’s livelihoods and we love the fact that parents have the right to send their kid to school in person.

To read more about DeSantis courage in the face of Biden, click here.

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13 Responses

    1. You are, of course correct. The problem is, (with all due respect ) Your preaching to the choir. My question is, what is the best course of action for Americans, and America to take to get this turned around? I personally am sick and tired of seeing the hate the liberals have for Donald Trump, and there fore, hate for the conservative movement.

    2. I agree with Gov. Ron DeSantis, and maybe if the illegal aliens that have Covid 19 were not allowed in them WE THE PEOPLE WOULD NOT HAVE TO BE PUNISHED WITH THESE STUPID RESTRICTIONS THAT MAKE NO SINCE…

    3. It is time, as employers, we get rid of the chaff, malingerers, ne’er do wells and just plain grifters.

      Start at the top.

  1. “In one of his very first acts as president, Joe Biden appointed someone called Nicholas McQuaid to run the DOJ’s Criminal Division, the all-important Criminal Division. Turns out that’s the same Criminal Division that’s currently investigating Biden’s son, Hunter. So, who is this Nicholas McQuaid exactly? Well, this show can tell you that he is a former business partner of Hunter Biden’s new criminal defense attorney, a man called Christopher Clark,” Carlson said last week. “Hunter Biden apparently hired Clark in December to help him with a federal investigation into his business dealings, the criminal investigation that the DOJ is conducting. ”
    “Both McQuaid and Clark were law partners together at Latham and Watkins, they worked on the same cases right up until McQuaid took the job at the Department of Justice,” Carlson continued. “On January 21st of this year, the same day, Nicholas McQuaid was featured in a Justice Department press release, Latham and Watkins filed a motion in court to withdraw McQuade as an attorney he was working on with Christopher Clark. So that means Joe Biden put as the head of the Criminal Division, the partner of the guy his son had hired to defend him against the Criminal Division.”

  2. Lance Charles you are dooo right. I wish more gov. would do that I’m in california and I’m fed up with our governor also.
    I’m sick to death with lockdown and masks to bad they don’t do what they tell us to do.

  3. I believe this virus was and is the biggest hoax of the Democrats to gain control of this country. And…it seems to be working! The citizens must take a stand!

  4. If the country gets locked down again everyone needs to file lawsuits against Biden, pelosi ,Schumer, and all the scrum in the democratic party. If a lockdown happens it will be their fault for letting illegal co vid infected immigrants in and busing them all over the United States. If that happens The citizens should revolt. They’re asking for it and honestly they deserve it.

    1. Cheryl…..

      It’s already happened. Covid infected illegal immigrants have been bused to various cities in the US (supposedly they have agreed to self-quarantine).

  5. Agree with Gov. DeSantis on everything he is doing. The only problem America has is the present administration who is doing everything they can to destroy America and its values !!! Regardless of who is in power this has got to stop !!! Americans, get a true leader in office and get rid of the rejects who are presently in office !!!

  6. Who do you think is pulling the strings on China Joe?
    It’s got Bathouse Barry’s fingerprints all over it. The Commie Rat has been plotting against the country, since The Hildabeast lost to President Trump.
    Probably told Joe to pick Kameltoe the Hoe for his VP.
    Joe doesn’t even remember where he is anymore or even what he’s doing. This way Obozo doesn’t have to take the blame for screwing up the country.
    He’ll just blame senial Ol’ Joe and da Ho.

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