BREAKING: Joe Biden Gets Shut Down – It’s Over

President Joe Biden was just completely shut down. His presidency started a mere days ago and a major alliance could already be over.

According to a report from The Times of Israel, a senior Israeli official commented on Biden’s plan to reenter the Iran nuclear deal. “If Biden adopts Obama’s plan, we will have nothing to talk about with him,” said the official.

This is stunning news. For the last four years, US-Israeli relations couldn’t have been better — then-President Donald Trump and Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu had a strong relationship.

The eight years before Trump — during the Obama administration — were disastrous. However, Netanyahu, ever the gracious leader, recently said that he and Biden “have had a warm personal friendship going back many decades.”

Trump and Netanyahu had something even more than that, though: shared values. Their strong friendship was quickly cemented as a result. Now, after all of this progress, Biden is threatening to burn it down.

Iran certainly seems to be happy about it. In a statement, Iranian President Hassan Rouhani celebrated Trump’s election loss, calling him a “tyrant” who had an “ominous reign.” We are in dangerous territory now.

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