BREAKING: Joe Biden Gets Shocking Report – Numbers Are Not Good…

President Joe Biden promised growth and prosperity, but the diagnosis is in and the numbers are not good.

According to Breitbart News, the U.S. economy “grew at a disappointing 6.5 percent annual rate in the second quarter, a sign that government stimulus spending has fallen short of expectations even while inflation has been hotter than anticipated.”

Remember that Biden said Donald Trump was bad for the economy and that he could lead America into better financial times. The truth appears much more dire:

The nation’s gross domestic product — its total output of goods and services — failed to accelerate significantly in the April-June quarter from the 6.3 annual growth rate recorded for the first quarter of the year. The first quarter was revised down by a tenth of a percentage point from earlier reports.

Supply chain disfunction.

Labor shortages.

Increased cost of materials.

Shipping cost increases.

These strike at the heart of the American economy and yet Biden’s leadership had not been a solution but arguably a contributing factor.

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  5. Dems little gang of crap sayers are really hard at work in the above comments. Sad! Biden and the demos are the enemy of America. Will come to learn the hard way of their stupidity.

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