BREAKING: Joe Biden Gets NAILED – Sheriff Makes Stunning Move

Jackson County, TX Sheriff A.J. Louderback told Tucker Carlson Monday that President Joe Biden’s administration has essentially defunded Immigration and Customs Enforcement by memo, with predictable results.

Acting DHS Secretary David Pekoske sent the memo, which directed ICE not to pursue any illegal immigration cases unless the subjects were criminals or pose a threat to security.

Carlson asked, “Is it true, in the state of Texas, that people who have been detained because they’re not here legally, they’re foreign nationals are being released without coronavirus tests?”

“It’s absolutely true, absolutely true,” Louderback said.

“The message really has been sent, when I read it first and looked at it, it’s a message to the world, you can come here illegally, you can commit crimes here against Americans, and remain here illegally,” he declared.

Read the full story here.

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