BREAKING: Joe Biden Gets Devastating Diagnosis – Report Stuns Nation…

President Joe Biden just broke another record to close out the first year of his presidency, but it may not be an achievement he wants to include on his next brag list.

A record number of voters in a new CNBC poll–56%–now disapprove of the president’s first-year job performance, the most ever in the history of the poll for Biden.

Only 44% approved of the Biden’s performance, down from 51% in April and 46% in September.

Regarding personal economics, those polled were even more critical of Biden, with 72% disapproving of his handling of everyday goods and 66% disapproved of his attempts to help their wallets. It’s really no surprise as everyday goods have skyrocketed in price and any help Biden has given Americans’ wallets has been more than eaten up by the rising prices.

Biden blamed his low poll numbers on “inaccurate information” about their situation, rather than taking any responsibility for the conditions he has caused. If that keeps up, he shouldn’t expect his numbers to improve.

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