BREAKING: Joe Biden Gets Destroyed Over Broken Promise – It’s Over…

President Joe Biden just got wrecked by a young Republican who isn’t afraid to speak the truth.

“Rep. Jason Smith, the ranking member of the House Budget Committee, said in a statement Monday that Democrats are running partisan legislation through Congress with reconciliation despite President Joe Biden’s rhetoric about ‘unity,'” reports Breitbart News.

The “unity” Biden spoke of must have meant he will use rare procedures to ram the most progressive agenda in American history down the throats of a hotly divided nation.

That’s Democrat healing for you. Smith is not going to sit back and take it:

To be clear, it is Leader Schumer’s request not the Senate Parliamentarian’s response that should concern Americans. With every day it becomes more and more obvious that all of President Biden’s talk about unity was just that, talk. Washington Democrats have made it abundantly clear that their one priority is jamming through a radical, partisan agenda to exert greater command and control over the lives and livelihoods of the American people.

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  1. Country not as divided as it once was, even the politicians are mostly corrupt to the core. People have watching and learning over the last year as things has gone so far downhill and the WILL OF THE PEOPLE is not even to be considered. Heading to Communism .

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