BREAKING: Joe Biden Gets CATASTROPHIC Diagnosis – Much Worse

Texas Department of Public Safety Lt. Christopher Olivarez announced that the border crisis created by President Joe Biden is “going to be catastrophic,” in comparison to what we saw last year.

Olivarez commented during Friday’s broadcast of Fox Business Network’s “Evening Edit.” The picture painted by Olivarez was a grim one and President Biden’s decision to ignore the situation is now bordering on criminal.

Olivarez said during the interview that “[A]t this time, right now, we have the most unsecured border that we have seen in decades. … Last year, for fiscal year 2021, between the months of February through October, there were over 397,000 encounters. Now this year alone, fiscal year 2022, same timeframe, five months, from October through February, over 837,000 encounters. That goes to show you that when we thought last year was complete chaos, this year’s going to be catastrophic.”

The diagnosis is horrific and something should have been done months ago but so far, the President has refused to lift a finger to solve this crisis.

Olivarez continued saying, “These numbers are going to surpass last year’s numbers. And we need to brace ourselves, but I’m telling you right now…this is a very — national security threat, not only to the state of Texas, but to the entire country. And that goes to show you that there’s no plan or strategy from the federal government or even intentions to take care of the current border situation and to protect Americans from what’s taking place right now.”

President Biden has abdicated his duty to the people of the United States by refusing to secure the southern border, and he must be removed from office as soon as possible.

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