BREAKING: Joe Biden Gets BUSTED By Ted Cruz – Get The Hell Off…

Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX) called President Joe Biden’s consideration of a gas tax holiday to help lower gas prices a “gimmick” and called on him to “get the hell off the backs of the American people.”

“Of course, it’s a gimmick,” Cruz said. “Joe Biden and the Biden White House, they’re scared. They recognize they’re headed to a bloodbath in November because the American people don’t like the direction we’re on. Every single policy of this administration has been wrong. In many ways, it’s remarkable. They’ve gotten wrong on so many things.”

He pointed out that the increase in gas prices is intentional–Biden campaigned on it.

“They want to make it so you can’t pay your bills because they want to force you to sell your pickup truck and buy a little Prius and obey their demands,” he accused.

Joe Biden, get the hell off the backs of the American people. Stop playing games,” he said, and went on to make several suggestions for how to increase production and lower prices.

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