BREAKING: Joe Biden Gets Brutally SLAMMED – Incompetence Bombshell Rocks DC

President Joe Biden is failing in virtually every area of the presidency, and former House Speaker Newt Gingrich railed his administration for their maddening incompetence.

“Gingrich slammed the Biden administration over its handling of inflation, oil and the Afghanistan withdrawal,” reported Breitbart News.

Gingrich said the Biden administration is “incompetent in virtually every area.”

“I think you are dealing with a semi-religious belief system. Big government socialism has its own internal logic,” Gingrich said. “You know, they don’t think very far ahead. In a world where you need to be able to play 4-dimensional chess to be a leader at that level, they can barely play tic-tac-toe. And as a result, I mean, you saw it with Granholm. You have the secretary of energy, who, when asked about 10 days ago what’s her plan, broke up laughing, sounding like Kamala Harris. When asked a very basic question — how much oil does the U.S. consume in a day, she had no idea.”

Gingrich continued with more fire.

“I mean, it’s clear that in an administration that was competent, she would be gone,” he added. “But since this administration is incompetent in virtually every area, she is just one more example of the team. The team is incompetent at the border. It was incompetent trying to get out of Afghanistan. It’s incompetent with inflation. Why would you expect her to be any more competent than the rest of the team?”

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