BREAKING: Joe Biden Gets Bad News – Sheriff Says It’s Over

A retired Texas sheriff said there is clear evidence that illegal immigration has risen sharply since Biden became president.

Retired Rockwall County Sheriff Harold Eavenson pointed to the 78,000 arrests made at the border in January, saying that the numbers hadn’t been that high since the Obama administration.

“A lot of those people that come into our country are involved in illegal activity and have criminal records when they come into our country and they do the same here as they were doing elsewhere before they made entry,” Eavenson said. “And that puts a strain on the infrastructure of any sheriff’s office, especially those border counties.”

Biden ended Trump’s Remain in Mexico policy, restarted the Catch and Release program, ended cooperative asylum agreements with Central America, halted most interior immigration enforcement, and tried to pause deportations for most illegal aliens for 100 days.

Eavenson said Biden was failing to protect Americans with these pro-immigration policies.

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