BREAKING: Joe Biden Gets Bad News – New Numbers Aren’t Good

A new Pew Research Center poll showed that most Republican voters want Republicans in Congress to stand up to incoming President Joe Biden, not work with him to get his agenda enacted.

A majority of Republicans, 59%, said congressional Republicans should stand up to Biden “if it’s harder to address critical issues facing the country,” while 38% said Republican lawmakers should try to work with Biden even if it disappoints other Republicans.

Trump’s approval rating went up one point in a separate Rassmussen poll after House Democrats impeached him on Wednesday over accusations that he “incited” violence after a rally on January 6.

The president’s words in a speech at the rally do not meet any legal definition of incitement, but Democrats just had to have one final attempt to soil his presidency before he leaves office next week.

Like other attempts, this one has not seemed to work. 57% of Republicans surveyed want Trump to be a major figure in the Republican party “for many years to come.”

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