BREAKING: Joe Biden Furious After New Numbers Prove Him WRONG – He’s Out

President Joe Biden got more bad news as voters are rejecting the narrative that the Democrat party is pushing. Americans are losing trust in Democrats, and poll after poll is confirming Biden’s worst fears.

A new poll found that 51% of Americans believe more gun laws would not have stopped the Boulder shooting that claimed ten American lives.

The Rasmussen poll found that only a third of likely voters, 39 percent, believe that more laws would have stopped the tragedy.

The nation remains closely divided over gun control as the same poll found that 49% of Americans believe that further gun control is unnecessary. 46% of respondents believe that more gun control is needed.

Democrats have repeatedly claimed that there is an overwhelming consensus among Americans that more gun control is needed. The reality is that the issue is intensely divisive, and Biden will find his efforts to chip away at American’s constitutional rights frustrated.

While Democrats face an uphill battle to take Americans’ rights, it doesn’t mean Republicans can relax. No matter what Americans think, Democrats are never going to stop trying to strip us of our right to bear arms.

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4 Responses

  1. We have am old fool for a president bing directed by radical people behind him. He rarely knows where he is. You just need one look at the vacnat eyes to tell he’s not all there.
    What the democrats have done in such a short time to lead this great country into ruin. I immigrated to his country legally and what is happening is very scary when noone with their head on straight has the code for nuclear weapons (ours). The approach of Democrats that they will talk to Nk, Russia, China, Iran is a joke. The green new deal /another joke- utter stupidity

  2. I recently read that Maine is the safest state in the country. they have concealed carry with no permit.

  3. Without further a do recall Biden, Harris and the whole democratic cabinet. When done with that start looking at the democratic house and start cleaning that mess up. Unless there is a quick change in the present leadership this ship goes the titanic route.

  4. I’m the head of security for my family and most people are in charge of family security for there family as well you see them at the range on a pretty day woke conservatives

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