BREAKING: Joe Biden FRAUD Charges – He’s Devastated…

Complaints arose this week that Joe Biden plagiarized from multiple sources in his new climate change platform. Biden apologized and updated the platform to include numerous citations that his campaign said were omitted “by mistake, LifeZette reported.

Trump chimed in on the plagiarism by tweeting, “Plagiarism charge against Sleepy Joe Biden on his ridiculous Climate Change Plan is a big problem, but the Corrupt Media will save him.” And he is right, as usual.

Defenders are already saying that it’s no big deal that Biden “copied” some of his material from environmental sources, with Politico calling it “agreeing” rather than plagiarizing. Biden was also accused of plagiarizing from speeches by Robert Kennedy and and a British Labor Party leader during his 1988 presidential campaign.

Trump also criticized “Sleepy Joe” for lackluster attendance at his events, saying he was attracting “flies” instead of people. “Nobody is showing up, I mean nobody. You can’t win without people!” Trump tweeted.

While Biden is still ahead in early polling, Trump’s monster economy and rising approval ratings make him a formidable opponent despite the vitriolic hatred he faces from the left on a daily basis.

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