BREAKING: Joe Biden Found GUILTY – Evidence Shocks America

The verdict is in and Joe Biden is lying.

According to Fox News, Chris Christie “accused President Biden of ‘lying’ about his nearly $2 trillion infrastructure package — saying he’s calling a ‘dog a cat’ because it goes far beyond rebuilding roads and bridges to include Democratic priorities like healthcare.”

“You cannot call a $400 billion plan to force unionization in states, to say that taking care of increasing Medicaid payments in states, is infrastructure,” said Christie while appearing on a mainstream media outlet.

Christie went on to describe Biden’s characterization of the infrastructure bill as “baloney:”

Now language does matter. We learned that in the last four years. How you use it and what you say, and I said last week that the president’s not telling the truth, and he’s not telling the truth about the infrastructure package…It’s baloney.

After the host, George Stephanopoulos, questioned Christie on whether Biden was lying, Christie lowered the boom.

“Let’s just be fair here, if Donald Trump had come out and called a dog a cat, which is what Joe Biden’s doing, we would be outraged by the fact that he’s lying,” said Christie. “But with Joe Biden, somehow it’s like, ‘oh well, come on, it’s Joe.’ No, no, no, no. It’s not true.”

To read more about Christie’s comments, click here.

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21 Responses

    1. No,no,no,no! Baloney Joe is NOT the pres.. He does and says ONLY that which his handlers say, and when they say to say it.

    1. Right on, John ! Biden is an habitual liar, he can’t stop lying. Americans must understand he has to be better than anyone on Earth. No one can be above him, ever !

  1. oops!!!! I told too much truth. Got cancelled again., What is it that this space wants us to say….that Biden is doing a great job? Never. His infrastucture plan is a joke. It is a payback to his cronies.

  2. We need to have this election overturned due to all of the corruption and voter fraud that has already been proven and remove President Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris Removed from office immediately without any pensions whatsoever!!! Also We need to turn the Oval Office over to President Trump who would have won this election had it not been for Biden/Harris and Nancy Pelosi and Schumer and Nadler and all the voter fraud and corruption committed against President Trump!!! Everyone of them need to be impeached and prosecuted and sent to prison immediately!!!

  3. The Biden Administration is shameful, the things they are doing with illegals and the border and this so called infrastructure. If this was Trump the media and everyone would have lashed him over and over but because it is Joe Biden he can get away with everything and it is hushed up. The media is unfair and
    this Administration is disgraceful. Biden is putting the American people on the bottom and putting illegals, other countries first! How sad is that?

  4. All Democrats can get away with anything and they are all Liars and Biden doesn t know how to tell the truth. never has. No good all his life

  5. Remember that big lie he told during the debate, when he looked straight into the camera & said: “I never took a dime from those countries”! How do you think he acquired the big expensive homes he has? A lie to get what he wants. He ain’t my pres.

  6. These bastards in the democrat party are trying to bankrupt the nation so they can claim power perpetually. So glad I am no longer a democrat. This is not the party I used to belong to at sll. I will never vote for a democrat again after the crap they have been pushing . Insanity runs the party.

  7. What do you and I as united state citizens have to do to impeach these people and I do mean the people not the clowns in the White House?

    1. I wondered the same AND waiting for the next election, is too long to wait. This country is already being destroyed by the Leftist; by next election, we won’t have a say. This last election was a Fraud election & anyone in their right mind, knows it; with all the video camera’s, switching of boxes of ballots & etc. God help us —- we appear to be “doomed”.

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