BREAKING: Joe Biden FORGETS It Again – White House Humiliated…

President Joe Biden just forgot it again. The White House has been completely humiliated — Biden can’t seem to keep it together. He’s too far gone.

“President Joe Biden again forgot to put his mask back on at the White House after delivering a speech on Tuesday,” reported Breitbart News.  The speech was for “an event promoting the coronavirus vaccine.”

Breitbart’s Charlie Spiering even released photos clearly showing that Biden approached the podium, took his mask off, and then forgot to put it back in when he walked away from the podium after speaking.

For a politician who has repeatedly virtue-signaled about masks, his track record of wearing one himself has been dismal. The mask comes off as soon as he thinks the camera stops rolling.

It is likely equal parts ambivalence and just plain forgetfulness — something Biden knows all too well. One of the many reasons why millions of Americans voted for Trump was Biden’s mental decline.

The White House can’t seem to keep a lid on the discussion, either, even though they only let the president out on specific occasions. When he does emerge to speak, it is simply a disaster every time.

Read the full story here.

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8 Responses

  1. I’m still amazed Biden wears it at all. He did get vaccinated fully and with
    that said he can’t catch or give the virus. Trump never wore it after he was
    vaccinated. More virtue signaling from the Thief in Charge.

  2. We knew how bad his mind was before he started to run for President !! How did he he even get in the running ????? Something funny going on around here! Wish he stayed in the basement. America is in a bad state for the rest of his term !!!

  3. Yes we did know how bad his mind was, but it’s getting worse, The other day when he was nominating David Chipman to lead the “ATF ” he twice, in his nomination speech referred the Bureau as the ” AFT ”
    Three simple little letters of an agency & he can’t ever remember their order.

  4. I can’t believe he got elected either. He had essentially zero press coverage and campaign events. The ones he did have had six or so people attend. This country is in big trouble for the next 3+ years. It’s frightening.

  5. Americans who voted for him have to be die hard Demorcrats. I would think that people with 1/2 a brain would be able to see how crooked the election was. Biden was not the peoples choice but the media and left wingers rigged it to make it look like Biden won. Americans see through the games and the corruption NOW. Hatred for Trump by corrupted politicians and stupid people who judged Trump not by what he accomplished but because they didn’t like his personality are responsible for the mess this country is in right now. They are still now back to lining their own pockets and the hell with AMERICA. This administration reeks of corruption with Big Guy Joe and druggy Hunter still at large when anyone else who did what they did would be locked in prison for the rest of their lives. Our border is an open invitation to corruption. The poor kids are suffering and still in CAGES. AND all they do is turn their back on the problems they have created. WAKE UP AMERICANS and vote them OUT. Too bad no-one is talking about impeaching a crooked president and administration but for a TRUE AMERICAN PRESIDENT they could not wait to smear him. They will never accomplish 1/10th. in 4 years as President Trump did in 1 month..

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