BREAKING: Joe Biden Forgets AGAIN – White House Humiliated…

After making remarks at the White House on Monday, President Joe Biden once again forgot his mask at the podium and talked to others without wearing it.

Biden was making remarks on International Women’s Day to announce the nomination of two female general officers for 4 star Combatant Commander positions.

After speaking for about 10 minutes, Biden left the podium without his mask and spoke to Vice President Kamala Harris and one of the generals before leaving with his team, who were all wearing masks.

Biden thinks he is providing leadership by wearing a mask, but as someone who is fully vaccinated from the coronavirus, he doesn’t really need one to protect him or others at this point.

If he really wants to lead the country, he should present the coronavirus vaccination for what it is: a way to get back to normal in this country with a great deal of safety, including being able to get rid of the masks and resume normal interactions with others–something greatly needed by the many Americans who are suffering with loneliness from the isolation that was forced or encouraged over the last year.

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8 Responses

  1. Don’t visit our nations Capitol, Democrats in fear, armed soldiers, poison food, graffiti on streets, Biden could be on the loose, Republicans jailed! Stay away Danger Will Robinson, Danger, “Taxes everywhere”

  2. Biden is a complete jerk. America knows it. The world knows it. His wife knows it but just wanted to get her butt into the White House Elder abuse.

  3. Democrats want us to wear masks and be Locked down. But why do they get away with it. Fauci said to keep wearing masks even with the vaccine so what is the use getting the vaccine.

  4. Joe Biden is not even a good Puppet. American Politicians stole the past election he best President we have had and we are in dire straights.

  5. If a person has been vaccinated and wears a mask and believes they are protected then why do they get upset when I don’t wear a mask?

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