BREAKING: Joe Biden FLEEING – White House In Chaos…

President Joe Biden’s first year in office ended with him fleeing news conferences, interviews, and any off-script interactions with the media.

The White House is doing its best to keep President Biden away from the media in an effort to prevent Biden’s declining mental faculties from causing chaos.

The White House has been so effective in hiding the President from the media that Biden has ended his first year holding fewer press conferences than the past five Presidents.

President Biden’s refusal to speak to the media outside of extremely controlled circumstances has added fuel to speculation that he simply does not have the mental capacity to interact with the media.

For comparison, former President Donald Trump conducted 92 interviews during his first year in office. President Biden has only done 22 interviews in that same time period.

Many polls have found that voters believe President Biden is not fit for office. Of course, Biden’s media absence could also be explained by the White House simply not having answers for the many crises that Biden has created.

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