BREAKING: Joe Biden FIRES Him – Nation Stunned

President Joe Biden just fired a high-ranking official and several others. Millions of people across the nation are stunned — the move is “unprecedented.”

“The Biden administration has broken with historical norms by firing Trump-appointed members of independent agencies serving fixed terms,” reported Breitbart News. At least one appointee has now spoken out.

Roger Severino is suing the Biden administration over his firing from the Administration Conference of the United States, which “does not wield any executive power” and is “purely an advisory committee.”

Therefore, Severino’s lawsuit claims that Biden “has no constitutional power” to fire him or any other appointees servicing fixed terms on independent, advisory agencies. It is out of the president’s purview entirely.

According to Breitbart, Biden terminated a handful of other Trump appointees as well — at least five others, to be exact. One of the supposed reasons is that the appointees did not meet a particular diversity profile.

In other words, they were “too white.” But Biden’s move was entirely “unprecedented” and ultimately spiteful. He is just trying to do as much damage as possible out of revenge, not any kind of presidential leadership.

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