BREAKING: Joe Biden Finally Caught – The Scandal EXPLODES

Breitbart senior news editor Peter Schweizer said that the Hunter Biden investigation is “an issue of enrichment involving Joe Biden himself.”

Schweizer referenced emails on Hunter Biden’s laptop that suggested he was “paying a lot of the family’s bills, including his father’s and his mother’s, with these foreign gains, these foreign funds.”

“So, the point is, this is not just about Hunter Biden getting wealthy, and it’s not just a question of the intelligence and the national security threat, this is an issue of enrichment involving Joe Biden himself,” he said.

The likely next president of the United States was benefitting from connections with China and other nations.

I wonder if he will be investigated the way President Donald Trump was, even though we now know that investigation was based on fake information. I won’t hold my breath.

Read the full story here.

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