BREAKING: Joe Biden Falls AGAIN – It’s Worse Than…

A few days after President Joe Biden fell three times going up the steps to Air Force One, he fell in a completely different and perhaps more devastating way.

A new Rassmussen poll showed Biden’s approval rating falling three points over the weekend to 49%, the same percentage as those who disapproved of the president.

Biden gets a -10 rating in the poll, however, because only 32% said they strongly approved of his job performance while 42% said they strongly disapproved.

Biden’s poor performance likely has a lot to do with the ongoing immigration crisis that has ensued after he reversed key Trump policies that had tamped down the number of immigrants trying to get into the country.

He may also be bearing some of the brunt of Democrats’ pursuit of a radical left agenda including the Equality Act, HR1 voting bill, and mass amnesty.

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5 Responses

  1. What about, shutting down the pipeline. What about giving motel rooms to illegal immigrents while our national guards had to sleep in parking lots. How about undoing everything that president trump did, for the good of our country. Biden is really out of touch with everything he does.( Duct tape can’t even fix STUPID!!!!!!!

  2. Biden’s poor perfomance is simply a reminder and indicator of his poor performance in Congress and as VP. What has he accomplished other than the enrichment of his family?
    For anyone to believe deep inside that Biden and/or Harris will be good for the US he, or she, is sadly mistsaken.

  3. Bidens a puppet. He doesn’t have the capacity to do what he has done.

    Harris isn’t much better. Everything is orchestrated by the left.

    I really would like to know who is making all the calls. Pelosi? Shumer? Omar? Cortez? I think they are all beholden to someone. I would like to know who is running the Democratic Liberal Left. Soros, Political Pacs, Black Lives Matter, Antifa, Tech Companies, Unions, etc. all fund the Democratic Liberal Left. Also China.

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