BREAKING: Joe Biden Fall Stuns Democrats – May Not Recover…

President Joe Biden’s approval numbers have made another stunning fall, according to a new Reuters/Ipsos survey.

The President’s numbers dropped a shocking 6% as the survey found that 56% of respondents believe President Biden is doing a lousy job just over a year into his first term.

Worse yet, the President’s six-point drop happened over the course of just one week. If the President’s numbers continue to collapse at this rate, they may not ever recover.

The President’s plummeting approval rates are partially driven by an increasing dissatisfaction among Democrat voters. The President hasn’t delivered on his major promises, and the quality of life for Americans has noticeably gone down.

The survey also found that President Biden’s support among Independents is in the tank. Just 34% of Independent respondents approve of the job that President Biden is doing.

President Biden is setting new records for disapproval, and one has to wonder when he will hit rock bottom. What we are seeing is truly unprecedented and bodes ill for Democrats on the campaign trail.

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