BREAKING: Joe Biden EXPOSED – Iran Conspiracy Stuns…

Joe Biden was just completely exposed. An Iran conspiracy has stunned the nation — millions of Americans can’t believe the shocking news.

“The Biden administration has already unrolled its plan to return to the 2015 nuclear deal and has begun holding quiet talks with Iran, an Israeli TV station reported Saturday,” reported Breitbart News.

According to another report, the specter of returning to the disastrous deal has Israel scrambling to “undermine Iran’s nuclear efforts or, if need be, counter Iranian aggression, which will soon be presented to the government.”

Already, the Biden administration is set to abandon our strongest ally in the Middle East and return to a failed policy that coddled the Iranian regime with bribe money. It did nothing to protect the U.S., Israel, or the region.

It cannot be stressed enough that elections have consequences. President Donald Trump consistently opposed Iranian aggression and showed the terrorist state that we will not be intimidated.

On foreign policy, Biden’s presidency is going to be — for all practical purposes — the third Obama term. This should concern every American who cares about having a strong foreign policy. We cannot return to weakness.

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