BREAKING: Joe Biden Exposed In Super Bowl SHOCKER – Nation Is…

The National Republican Congressional Committee released a Super Bowl ad slamming President Joe Biden and his administration for causing soaring inflation.

“Everything you need to kick off Super Bowl weekend just got more expensive. Biden and House Democrats teamed up to create skyrocketing inflation,” the ad said.

“Joe Biden’s inflation is intercepting your paycheck,” the ad continues.

The ad lists the cost increases of the foods most game-watchers enjoy on super bowl day:

Guacamole — up 100 percent.
Chicken wings — up 26 percent.
Burgers — up 17 percent.

“After the NRCC released the ad, the committee’s spokesman, Mike Berg, said in a statement, ‘Bidenflation is intercepting Americans’ paychecks. Inflation is the Super Bowl party guest nobody asked for.”

We’re with Mike Berg on this one.

To read the full story and watch the ad, click here.

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