BREAKING: Joe Biden EXPOSED In Legal Scandal – Lawless Secrets Revealed

Sen. Ron Johnson (R-WI) said on a radio broadcast Thursday that President Joe Biden’s eviction moratorium extension was “jaw-dropping” and that Biden’s administration was “lawless” just like former President Barack Obama’s was.

Biden was “ignoring the Constitution” just like Obama did, Johnson told Brian Kilmeade.

“He’s not faithfully executing the laws. He’s got an open border. He’s ignoring the Supreme Court ruling. He’s ignoring the Constitution,” Johnson went on.

Johnson pointed to lowering levels of unemployment and money “sloshing around in this economy” due to multiple stimulus payments.

“Where’s the compassion” for landlords? Johnson asked, offering that direct payments should have been made to them rather than the eviction moratorium.

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  5. The rent money should have gone to the land lords not the people they will horde it they don’t need money they just don’t what to pay for a place to live some do need help its the bad apples that hurt the innocent people. Check thier bank accounts

  6. Government gave people 600 or 300 dollars over what is normally given to those fired or payed off work why are they exempt from being evicted you should’ve been paying your rent and bills quit being a free loader I’m not here to pay your way get a freakin job you pieces of crap

    1. This is just another way to sucker in those that expect everything (free). the more dependence on The Gov. the more control. why hasn’t this person been jailed for his and or her crimes???? can not say names because they will not let you or me comment. (reCaptcha)

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